Quite Possibly the Easiest Way to Earn 6,000 Rapid Rewards Points

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Most offers of bonus miles on airline frequent flyer programs require you to do something: buy airline tickets, sign up for a new credit card or make specific card purchases. There’s a new promotion from Southwest Airlines, though, which is giving 6,000 Rapid Rewards points to members of its loyalty program who received a mailer and go on to sign up for — and stay on — the Rapid Rewards email newsletter.

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To be eligible for the offer, you’ll have to be a Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card holder.

Here’s what you need to know and do to earn the Southwest bonus points:

  • Opt in to get the email updates. Register for Southwest’s offer by signing up for the email updates and for the promotion by Sept. 30. Enter your first and last name along with your Rapid Rewards account number.
  • Points are earned for longevity. You earn your first 3,000 bonus points for not opting out of emails for three months after signing up. You have to stay on the email list for three more months to receive the next 3,000 points. It could take up to eight weeks after the three- and six-month subscription periods end for the respective points to show up in your Rapid Rewards account, according to the Southwest website.
  • You have to open at least one update email every 60 days. Of course, don’t wait until the end of two months to open another email. Mark the dates by which you need to read the emails on your calendar so that you don’t miss fulfilling this requirement.

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