Queen Elizabeth’s ‘lone’ flight attendant shares secret details of flying with the monarch

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Jetting off around the world is just part of business for Queen Elizabeth II, who is the most well-travelled monarch in history. However, she would not enjoy some of the many comforts and luxuries afforded to her if it were not for the extensive team of staff she takes with her.

One such team member is Dave Wright, a former flight attendant for the Royal Family’s private aeroplane between 1990 and 1995.

He revealed that, for the Queen’s flight, no detail was spared.

In fact, every single element of the experience was considered right down to her knife and fork.

During Channel 5 documentary ‘Secrets of the Royal Flight’, Mr Wright explained that along with the usual assets of an aircraft galley, the royal plane also had space to store “silver, china and cutlery for use during the cabin service.”

The documentary explains: “Monogrammed tableware would be polished to perfection and drinks served in sparkling crystal glasses.”

Her Royal Highness is also very particular about the type of food and drink serviced onboard – with special attention drawn to the brand of water she drinks.

In his 1983 book “Andrew: The Playboy Prince”, author Andrew Morton says the Queen takes a crate of Malvern water with her “on every trip abroad.”

She also has some less luxurious requests.

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According to former pilot of the royal plane Graham Laurie, the Queen has a particular taste for Fray Bentos tinned pies.

The pies cost just £2.50 to buy and come in a variety of flavours.

The pilot said: “Do you know, they used to love it.

“I think it’s such a lovely change from all that fancy food which comes in first class!”

Indeed, all of the royal’s favourite “creature comforts” had to be onboard the plane.

“As far as the royal family are concerned, they come up those steps into something which is effectively home,” said Mr Laurie.

It turns out, the Queen is not the only one who had certain requirements when flying.

“On a royal tour the Princess of Wales, for example, would get changed out of what she was wearing into something a little more relaxed,” continued Mr Laurie.

Meanwhile, Navigator Queen’s Flight Bob Shields adds: “Some of them brought their own slippers.

“One female member of the family brought her favourite shawl, so she used to sit and wear that when she was flying.”

However, flying with the Royal Family is not without its difficulties.

“Service during most commercial flights is delivered by a team of cabin crew,” explains the documentary.

“On the royal flight, it was all down to dave as the lone steward.

“And Dave had to be ready to meet the individual needs of every royal under his watch.”

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