Qantas announces change to cabin baggage weight rules

Domestic passengers have been complaining the 7kg-per-item limit for cabin bags is too small, so Qantas has overhauled the restrictions.

Qantas domestic passengers will soon be able to board with a carry-on bag as heavy as 10kg after passengers complained the current 7kg restriction was too small.

From March 25, domestic travellers can bring on board a cabin bag weighing up to 10kg and a second bag weighing up to 4kg.

Currently, Qantas domestic passengers can board with two bags, both with a limit of 7kg.

The total cabin baggage weight limit will still be 14kg per person, with the rule change essentially allowing one bag to be heavier than the second.

The physical size limits on cabin bags will remain the same and passenges can still bring on board one small “personal item” bag, such as a handbag or slim laptop bag, in addition to the two carry-on bags.

Qantas said dedicated teams will be at the airport to ensure passengers are adhering to the cabin baggage policy. Any piece of cabin baggage over 10kg will have to be checked in.The rule change follows a trial by Qantas over the summer that included weighing passengers’ cabin bags and asking for feedback.

The airline found nine out of 10 travellers had under 10kg of cabin baggage in total.

Of those, about 40 per cent had bags weighing between 7kg and 10kg.

Qantas Domestic chief executive officer Andrew David said the changes gave customers more choice in how they used their 14kg allowance.

“Most customers on short business trips and weekends away only travel with one carry-on bag plus a small personal­ item,” Mr David said in a statement to

“We’ve had feedback from our frequent flyers who said they can easily keep within the 14kg limit but would like flexibility in how they use their cabin baggage allowance.”

He said passengers adhering to the weight rules reduced risk to passengers and crew in the cabin and helped ensure flights departed on time.

“We need customers to check their bags before security to make sure they don’t exceed the allowance and can safely lift their bag,” he said.

“Focusing on the amount of baggage customers are bringing on-board helps flights to depart on time and allows everyone to have their fair share of space in the overhead compartments.

“Heavy bags or overhead baggage compartments that are too full can cause a safety risk for customers and crew.”

#Qantas How good is it that Qantas flight crew limit the amount of cabin baggage these days Such a relief for most passengers Inconsiderate people getting on with three bags fighting for space and dropping bags in such a confined space extending time for boarding and unloading

Finally, common sense prevails, especially after Qantas boasted of Jetstar’s “ancillary strength driven by successful launch of ‘Plus 3kg’ carry on” in its HY financial results last month (where JQ pax can pay extra for a 10kg carry-on).
Now, about domestic priority boarding….!

The policy change does not extend to QantasLink.

Qantas and Virgin Australia announced in December they would start weighing the cabin bags of domestic passengers in a united front aimed at ridding oversized baggage from aircraft cabins.

Passengers can expect to have their carry-on bags weighed at various points in their journey, including at the check-in desk and the boarding gate, to ensure they comply with airlines’ weight limits.

It brings the airlines in line with low-cost carriers Tigerair Australia and Jetstar, which already use scales to crack down on cabin baggage cheats.

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