Prince Philip kept saucy ‘naked buttocks’ photo from Lord Mountbatten on royal yacht

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Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, 94, have travelled extensively during their long lives both together and apart. They have taken all forms of transport, one of which was the Queen’s much-loved Royal Yacht Britannia. The royal pair enjoyed the vessel from 1954; it was designed as a royal residence to entertain guests around the world.

One item kept on board the royal yacht also kept Prince Philip very entertained, too.

It previously belonged to his uncle Lord Mountbatten – another character who featured in The Crown and to whom Philip had been close.

Author Kitty Kelley shared the insight in her book The Royals.

She explained that Mountbatten hung a picture of himself with two semi-clad showgirls in the Queen’s passageway – and Prince Philip laughed uproariously when he first spotted it.

In the photo, Mountbatten and actor Cary Grant were snapped posing with two showgirls swathed in feather boas in Las Vegas, Kelley explained.

“In the picture, the two men turned their backs to the camera and so did the showgirls, whose rhinestoned-thonged backsides were without feathers,” wrote Kelley.

“Mountbatten found the picture of the bare-bottomed showgirls so amusing he had it blown up and hung in the Queen’s passageway on the royal yacht.”

Philip was so delighted with the saucy snap he decided to keep it on the Britannia.

“Philip, who roared with laughter would not remove it, even for state guests,” said Kelley.

One of the Queen’s private secretaries was horrified by the photo.

According to Kelley, she said: “That’s his Germanic idea of art and entertainment – naked buttocks.”

In fact, she is said to have blamed Lord Mountbatten for the Duke’s penchant for smut.

“The Duke of Edinburgh is very lewd, very Germanic,” Kelley quoted the secretary.

She added: “The haughty courtier attributed ‘Philip’s vulgar preoccupation with nudity’ to his ‘Mountbatten origins.’”

Despite this saucy side to Prince Philip, he did not share a bed when travelling with his wife.

Writer Brian Hoey revealed in his book ‘Not in Front of the Corgis’ that Elizabeth and Philip had separate cabins when they travelled on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

In fact, there were no double beds anywhere on the boat at all due to the royals’ preferences.

Hoey explained that when the Britannia was used for royal honeymoons, single beds would have to be roped together by the crew.

There are various reasons behind this sleeping arrangement, according to the author.

One of these is that many couples of Elizabeth and Philip’s generation and class don’t share a bed at all times while another is that the two have different sleeping preferences when it comes to bedding and room temperature.

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