Priciest airport pint in Britain exposed – and where to find the cheapest beer

Nothing marks the start of a holiday like enjoying a pint or two at the airport.

The pre-flight ritual is a must for many – but sometimes it ends up costing a fortune.

A recent study shows which departure locations offer the cheapest beers.

And surprisingly, a London airport offers some of the most affordable booze.

Researchers also exposed the venues that flog holidaymakers the priciest pints.

So where does your local airport rank?

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Jet Cost, a flight comparison website, looked into the cost of airport beers in Britain.

It found that Glasgow offers the cheapest tipples to punters.

For a reasonable £2.99, travellers can enjoy a pint of Abbot or Doombar.

London Heathrow was a close runner up, flogging Doombar pints for £3.79.

Meanwhile, Manchester came in third place with its £4.10 Carlsberg offering.

Researchers also pinpointed which airports sell the most expensive beers.

London City proved to be the most up-market, flogging Trumans Roller IPA pints for £7.

Bristol and Belfast airports were also shown to be pricey.

Both departure lounges price pints of lager at a steep £5.90.

Scroll down to see the results in full.

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British airports that offer the cheapest pints

  • Glasgow – £2.99 (Abbot/Doombar)
  • London Heathrow – £3.79 (Doombar)
  • Manchester – £4.10 (Carlsberg/Manchester Pale Ale)
  • Birmingham – £4.10 (Doombar)
  • Edinburgh – £4.20 (Doombar)

British airports that offer the priciest pints

  • London City – £7.00 (Trumans Roller IPA)
  • Bristol – £5.90 (Stella Artois)
  • Belfast – £5.90 (Heineken/Guinness)
  • Liverpool – £5.80 (Heineken)
  • Leeds Bradford – £5.60 (Heineken)

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