Plane passenger’s hack for turning seat into bed horrifies internet

A plane passenger’s unconventional method of turning her seat into a bed has not gone down well at all with viewers online.

The footage shows the woman casually lying on across two seats with her legs in the air.

She uses two windows as rests for her bare – yes bare – feet while a blanket covers her face.

The sight is clearly too much for the cameraperson’s pal to handle and he can be seen bursting out in hysterics.

While there is nothing wrong with making yourself at home if you have been lucky enough to be given two seats, the choice of no socks sparked a fair bit of outrage online.

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It is not clear which fight the video was taken on or when it happened but more than 280,000 people have seen the footage since it was shared by the Instagram account Passenger Shaming earlier this week.

“This is shameful, like how does someone do that in public,” one wrote.

“I don’t mean to judge, however it made me feel some type of way.”

Another added: “I feel like I can smell this photo.”

After a series of other clips emerged of bare feet on planes, one viewer called for a ban.

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“Why is there not an airline rule of ‘no bare feet’ like there is at restaurants?” they asked.

And a fourth simply commented: “Sickening.”

There were those who stuck up for the under-fire passenger though.

One said: “She paid for the seat she can do what she likes not hurting anyone and probably exhausted.”

It comes after another plane passenger was branded “disgusting” for draping her hair over the seat behind her.

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