Plane passenger films woman’s ‘overly dramatic’ reaction to her ‘loud’ music

A woman sparked a debate online after calling out a plane passenger for being "overly dramatic" when she played music next to her.

The TikToker said the two-hour flight experience left her creasing and she posted screenshots of her fellow passenger's reaction online.

She wrote: "When you get seated next to a Karen and she's overly dramatic about your 'loud' music.

"Funniest flight I've took [sic] yet."

In the clip, she show herself before flipping it over to show the woman sitting next to her trying to cover her ears with tissue paper.

In a screenshot, the passenger places her head on the tray table and turns her back against her.

The video has amassed nearly 640,000 views and many questioned who was in the wrong in the situation.

One said: "Not gonna lie, if I can hear your music when you have headphones on, it's probably too loud."

"If she can hear your music, it must be too loud…being on a plane you have to respect everyone else around you," a second chimed in while a third asking: "Or maybe your music is too loud?"

But others said the passenger could have politely asked to turn down the volume.

A viewer suggested: "Y'all the woman could have asked her to turn the music down if it was actually bothering her. Pretty sure she's just being dramatic."

"Looks like she wants to hear it better, turn up the volume," another teased.

Some asked people to be considerate as they said the woman could have sensory issues and she couldn't stand with loud music.

And others said the passenger could be scared of flight and it had nothing to do with the music.

This came after a bikini-clad woman was spotted strolling through an airport with her luggage.

The video went viral as people joked that it could be a scenario "where you have a pool party at noon and a flight to catch at 4pm".

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