Plane passenger films disgusting moment fellow flyer rests foot on armrest

Travelling on a plane can often be an uncomfortable experience.

The behaviour of other passengers can irritate us whether they’re kicking your chair or snoring away.

Other disgusting examples include people who walk around barefoot or pick their nose on the sly.

But this flight must take the biscuit and gross out even the most-hardened traveller.

Posted to the internet forum Reddit, an unnamed passenger filmed the moment another traveller got their bare feet out.

The inconsiderate holidaymaker squeezed their toes between a chair and the cabin wall, before resting it on the armrest of the seat in front.

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The camera then pans to the young passenger who is occupying the seat as they sit motionless and pull a deadpan expression to the person filming.

The post hit more than 75,000 votes on Reddit and received thousands of comments from others who've suffered a similar situation.

One person wrote: “Does this really happen? Was my upbringing so different from other people?

"I wouldn’t ever dream of doing this.”

Another said: “How would someone even remotely find this okay to do.”

A third commented: “It happened to me once on a flight. At least the foot was covered by a sock.

“I stabbed her toes with the in-flight magazine until she reeled her foot back to her lair…

“I don’t fly much but if anyone ever puts their goddamn foot into my seat like that it’s getting coffee spilled on it.”

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Others said they believed the behaviour was “sick” and questioned why people didn’t understand why it was inappropriate for a passenger plane.

Some speculated that the foot must belong to the companion of the person videoing, perhaps in order to pull a prank on the young passenger.

A similar thread was posted to Reddit a year ago when a passenger rested their dirty, bare feet on the headrest of a female flyer.

The woman frowned in the picture and cautioned it: “This is the one thing I am most worried about before getting on a plane.”

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