Pilot explains how to fly on private plane at ‘a normal price’ using ‘clever’ travel hack

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Andy Smith is a commercial pilot who has friends working in private aviation. Their “glamorous” job consists of flying luxury clients who rent the plane to enjoy their expensive holidays abroad.

Andy shared with Express.co.uk some of the secrets of flying private.

The commercial pilot revealed he “knew someone flying that plane and they gave me a lift on an empty flight” which turned out to be a memorable experience.

He revealed that not just millionaires get to fly on private planes as “it’s actually possible to find discounted private jet flights that are close to the price of a first-class ticket”.

However, it can be a bit more expensive than a regular economy ticket.

Andy shared the “clever way” to fly private: “Hiring a private jet means you have the luxury to choose the time and airport you want to fly from.

“This flexibility makes it very expensive as it means that planes very often fly without any passengers on board while they are flown to wherever their passengers request.

“These empty flights, known as empty legs, are often advertised on the websites of private jet companies at massively discounted rates.

“This is to try and recover some of these wasted costs.

“Empty legs are charged at a fixed price for the whole plane which can typically carry anything from four to 12 passengers.

“If you have a big enough group, it means you can fly on a private jet for a price per passenger similar to a first-class ticket.

“You won’t be able to change the airport or departure dates but it does mean you’ll be able to experience luxury at a fraction of the normal price,” he revealed.

But what can people expect on board the plane?

Andy recalled: “The plane was too small for a flight attendant so there wasn’t one.

“But there was a self-service snacks and drinks bar.

“The best thing was how quickly you go from the terminal to taking off.

“Within 15 minutes of arriving at the airport, we were in the air.

“And the same on the other end.

“No waiting around for anything.

“It also looks small from the outside.

“But in fact, it’s very comfortable when you’re inside.”

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