Photos show bizarre plane passengers – from parrots on board to toenail clipping

Most Brits have sadly had to miss out on a holiday this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While many of us are dreaming of jetting off to somewhere glam, a social media page has reminded us of the downsides of travel.

It’s not all mojitos and sunshine, especially on the plane.

The hilarious gallery, put together by Driveopedia, shares some of the most disgusting and bizarre things to happen on flights.

Whether that’s being uncomfortably close to a stranger’s bare feet or sitting next to a… parrot.

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That’s right, the first snap shows a woman sitting on a flight with a white parrot perched on her wrist.

The photo taker said: “This lady can bring her pet parrot on the plane, but my suitcase can’t be one pound overweight!”

We’re not sure that would fly with anyone scared of birds…

Another passenger oddly brought a fully fledged turkey onto the flight and sat it in its own seat.


Other travellers shared the inconvenience caused by fellow flyers on long haul flights.

One person showed that the woman sat in front of him had flipped her hair over the seat so it totally obscured his screen.

He wrote: “How did this woman know this is exactly what I wanted to watch?”

And another person hung their laundry up to dry around the cabin.

Pants, T-shirts and jumpers can be seen perched over windows and on seats.

The caption said: “This passenger is hanging up his laundry to dry.

“My question is, how did all his stuff get so wet?

“We’ve only been in the air for 15 minutes!”

Other passengers were just awkward – especially when sleeping.

One snap showed a bloke asleep in the aisle as the flight crew attempt to disembark.

A sea of empty seats can be spotted around him.

While a worrying photo showed a person resting his food on the plane door.

It edged dangerously close to the lever that would release the airlock.

The poster added a caption with some dark humour and said: “At least he would be the first to go.”

Finally, it seems that other people’s bare feet are the star of some flights.

Photos captured everything from a man clipping his toenails mid-flight to a woman sleeping upside down with her feet in the air.

Another shot showed a passengers bare feet sneaking onto the armrest of the person in front of her.

And, another bloke used the above head air con to dry out his stinky shoe!

So, while you’re missing your holiday during lockdown two remember – it’s not all swimming pools and massages.

Sometimes it’s being trapped in a confined place with birds… and feet.

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