People crease up after mum’s attempt to make small talk on flight goes wrong

A woman's attempt to make friendly small talk with a fellow passenger has left people in hysterics, after her daughter revealed that it didn't quite go to plan.

Kirsty Allum took to Twitter to share the hilarious exchange that took place after her mum innocently struck up a conversation with the man sat next to them – and he had a brilliant response.

She wrote: "Can’t believe my mum said to the guy on the plane sat next to us “where u off too then” and he replied “hopefully same place as you love” hahahahaha".

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To be fair, he has a point – but people are loving his somewhat savage but friendly comeback.

"This has made my day," wrote one user, while another described the jokester as "brilliant".

Of course, as Brits we all know how awkward small talk can be, and there were plenty of people who instantly related to Kirsty's mum. "This is something I'd do," admitted one Twitter user, while others tagged friends and family they instantly thought of after seeing the original Tweet.

One person quipped: "This is like the opposite of when the server tells you to enjoy your meal and you respond, 'You too.'"

Although it appears that the man's response was a joke, some questioned whether it may have been an attempt to flirt too.

"Hold up this is actually cute," commented one user, while another joked that the move showed "flirting is an art form".

While small talk is harmless and most people are excitable about upcoming trips, there are some passenger no-nos that travellers may want to keep in mind.

For example, using someone else's seat as a footrest won't go down well, while one woman left people horrified at her 'inconsiderate' behaviour.

Don't worry though, we've got you covered, as flight attendants have shared plenty of flight secrets that could make your journey that little bit smoother!

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