People are only just realising why there are tiny holes in plane windows

By now, most of us are eager to top up the air miles and escape the cold dark winter.

Nothing beats the excitement of jumping on a plane to be whisked away to enjoy a trip abroad.

Soaking up the sun and sipping on cocktails on the beach are the common thoughts many have whilst mid-flight.

But have you ever wondered what the tiny holes on aircraft windows are for? And, have you ever realised they were in the first place?

Holes in aeroplane windows do not sound appealing – but fear not, they actually do have an important role to play.

The Federal Aviation Administration told Business Insider: “Airplane windows consist of three separate panes. The outer pane deals with this air pressure difference. Thanks to the tiny holes in the middle pane, known as the "bleed hole." Its primary purpose is to balance air pressure.

“The "bleed hole" allows pressure to balance between the passenger cabin and the air gap.

“Meaning the outer pane takes on the pressure while the middle pane acts as a fail-safe.”

Bleed holes are also good for those who are able to grab a window seat and like to soak up the views from thousands of feet in the sky.

“The "bleed hole" also releases moisture from the air gap. This prevents the window from fogging up or frosting over.”

Many people have taken to Twitter to share their initial thoughts on bleed holes – and some were even shocked about the existence of them.

One person fretted: “Everything about a plane is scary.

"Especially the bleed holes if you don't understand why you have a hole in your window and don't realise it until you're 30,000 feet in the air.”

Another user added: “Quite shocking how important window design is for a plane.”

A third person questioned: “What if some kid puts their finger over it.”

Someone else confessed: “All the times I've travelled via airplane (international and local) I've always sat beside the window.

"The day I eventually discovered the bleed-hole I thought it was a defect.”

Let us know in the comments if you ever noticed the teeny holes!

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