Passengers left ‘disgusted’ by mum who cut toddler’s toenails on plane

A photo of a mum cutting her daughter's toenails on a flight has sparked outrage online after the image was shared to Instagram.

The mum was snapped grooming the toddler in their seats while on an American Airlines flight.

It was shared to Instagram by an annoyed individual who claims to "fly a lot" on Monday and posted the snap with the caption #PassengerShaming.

The snap sparked criticism online and the mum was blasted for not considering the risk personal grooming tasks pose to other people in enclosed spaces.

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One user said: "Why [is] this lady clipping her toddler’s toenails on the lane? #backofthebus #passengershaming."

While a second wrote: "She does have the ’can I speak to your manager' hair.”

With a third adding: “What the actual f***!”

Another raged: "I can't believed these things happen in real life? Who would think this is OK?!"

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The #PassengerShaming social media trend has taken off in the last few months as regular flyers share their disdain.

One post claimed a woman was "popping" the spots on a man's nose before she started pulling his "nose hairs".

Other women have been spotted putting on fake eyelashes and painting their nails to a woman resting her feet on a train tray table.

Flight attendants have also spoken out and claim fliers regularly store trimmed nails and used tissues in seat pockets.

Bare feet appears to be one of the most common problem aboard planes, with one photo showing a woman stretching hers up against a window.

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