Passengers baffled after being charged for bags that ‘clearly fit’ size limits

Budget airline passengers were left seething after they were allegedly charged an additional fee for their carry-on bags despite them fitting the size requirements.

Dyana Villa, who posts online as, shared a video of herself and her friends locked in a dispute with a woman at the check-in desk after they had apparently been told their bags were too big.

The group kicked off after they were said to have been charged an additional fee – despite them demonstrating that the bags "clearly fit in the bag sizer".

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In the video, which has gained over 430,000 views, Dyana was heard telling the woman: "Her bag fits. How does that not fit?"

The woman replied saying: "It doesn't fit, she's just pushing it down."

Dyana's pal argued that it was "just extra material, it's all wobbly". The same woman was seen going to the desk saying: "I'm not going to pay $100. My bag fits."

In the caption, on the clip which now has over 70,000 likes, Dyana wrote: "Please make this go viral! The Frontier front desk and supervisor were not cooperating with their guest. PLEASE HELP US GET THIS TO FRONTIER!"

TikTok viewers were divided over the clip as some believe she should have paid the fee – but others thought it was fine.

One user said: "It absolutely fits."

Another wrote: "That’s messed up. They clearly fit."

A third argued: "Should’ve just paid the fee."

A fourth commented: "It looks like yall also have a million items. You get 1 item for free, not all of them. so even if the bag fits, you still have more than 1 item."

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Frontier Airlines have been contacted by the Daily Star for a comment on the dispute.

But on the company’s website, the only bag included in your flight purchase is a personal carry-on item measuring “14″H X 18″W X 8″D including handles, wheels, and straps.”

However, any bag bigger than those can be purchased ahead of time online, or at the gate for an additional cost.

If a passenger hasn't pre-paid and is found to have a personal item larger than the specified dimensions, they will be forced to pay for an extra carry-on bag.


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