Passenger slaps flight attendant, vomits on flight from hell

A Paris-bound Delta Air Lines flight was diverted after an “unruly passenger” caused a sky-high commotion and violently lashed out at a flight attendant.

In a dramatic outburst, the man allegedly yelled, slapped a flight attendant and vomited, pushing flight crew to land early at Detroit Metropolitan Airport to remove the erratic passenger, Fox News reported.

Delta flight 500 left Indianapolis for the French capital on Thursday. About 40 minutes into the trip, passenger Ian Robert James Morin began “yelling and acting erratically”, and the flight crew’s attempts to calm him down proved unsuccessful.

Moments later, the irate passenger became violent.

The passenger was kicked off the Delta flight to Paris after an alleged violent outburst. Picture: Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFPSource:AFP

“Morin hit one of the flight attendants with an open hand to the left side of her throat near her carotid artery,” an FBI special agent later detailed, The Detroit News reports.

“(He) continued to yell and attempted to hit the flight attendant again. During the altercation, Morin threw up on the aircraft.”

Passengers and crew members proceeded to restrain and handcuff Morin. The plane diverted to Detroit, where the 21-year-old Indiana man was taken into custody by law enforcement officials, according to The Detroit News.

When contacted for comment, reps for Delta told Fox News the remaining passengers were then removed from the plane and put up in hotels overnight.

Passengers finally arrived in Paris about 15 hours late.Source:istock

Assigned a new flight the next morning, the customers arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on Friday morning — about 15 hours past schedule.

“We apologise for the delay and inconvenience of our customers on Flight 500. As a matter of safety, the flight was diverted to Detroit to remove an unruly passenger,” the spokesperson said.

Mr Morin appeared in Detroit Federal Court on June 14 and was released on bond, according to USA Today.

A spokesperson for the Wayne County Airport Authority of Michigan further confirmed to the outlet the investigation had been turned over to the FBI.

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