No, you’re crying: Couple gets married on Jetstar flight between Australia and New Zealand

We’re all used to flight crew members walking down the aisle of a plane — but on a recent Jetstar flight, a just-married bride and groom strutted down the aisle, too.

David and Cathy Valliant both love aviation and met for the first time at Sydney Airport in 2013 after chatting for more than a year. “We locked eyes and that was it!” Cathy Valliant said in an emailed statement.

“Three years after that, on Halloween evening, we went together on our first Dreamliner flight (with Jetstar from Brisbane to Melbourne) where David had planned to propose on board but he got too nervous with all the surrounding passengers,” she recalled. “He eventually proposed that evening.”

The couple wanted to get married mid-flight between Sydney, Australia (where David is from) and Auckland, New Zealand (where Cathy is from).

“I thought: I’ll be cheeky and ask Jetstar,” she said. “Without telling Dave, I posted on Jetstar’s Facebook page with the ask. I was so excited when they said they’d see what they could do.”

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