New York design studio creates ultimate travel carry-on with instant wardrobe

To unpack, or not to unpack? Therein lies the question which has troubled many a short-stay break.

Sometimes a couple of nights in a hotel simply doesn’t justify the process of putting everything up on hangers.

Then there’s the issue of that favourite shirt or forgotten pair of jeans – left behind and lost forever in the bottom draw on the road to Cusco.

All these problems and more might finally be solved by the visionary designers behind the Carry-on-Closet.

New-York based studio Solgaard Design have created a piece of luggage that folds out into a wardrobe. It’s also packed with plenty of nifty travel features including a TSA-approved USB charger.

This means you’ll not only be able to easily locate your carefully planned beach outfit, but have plenty of phone battery left to document your well-dressed adventures.

It features removable shelving that, once opened out, stands up to become an instant wardrobe.

The middle section has robust draws to hold your bulkier of travel items, with smaller shelves on top for toiletries.

Made in two sizes, the standard issue – 54 by 36 by 23 cm – case which fits neatly within the restrictions of most airlines and is perfect for between five and seven days of outfits.

Best of all, repacking is just as quick, helping you make the most of any getaway.

The project which was funded on the crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter is now available for pre-order, with the standard Carry-on costing about $220 and the ‘Plus’ size $240.

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