Nerve-wracking cockpit footage shows pilots landing during a thunderstorm, battling strong winds and torrential rain

If you’re a nervous flyer, then you might want to look away now.

Nerve-wracking footage taken from the cockpit of a plane going into land at Palma de Mallorca in Spain shows two pilots navigating a thunderstorm.

Their bodies can be seen juddering in the turbulence, with torrential rain resulting in zero visibility.

The computer-powered plane controls can be seen frantically trying to right the aircraft as it is pounded by heavy gusts of wind hitting 64km/h.

The windscreen wipers also appear to be working overtime, as sheets of water pound down.

Gradually as the Boeing 737-800 descends, the ground below comes into view.

Lights running along the runway then start to shine through the rainy haze.

Amazingly, the plane makes a pretty smooth landing and the pilots calmly guide it to its allotted stand.

To date, YouTube footage showing the stormy plane landing has been watched more than 87,000 times.

Many viewers have applauded the pilots for their skilled landing.

Airbus A380 wrote: “What a skilled pilots! Great job!’, while Riad Salkanović added: “Excellent execution. Bravo.”

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