‘Mushroom Dome’ cabin is most visited Airbnb in the world – take a look inside

Instead of a penthouse in top cities, the most visited Airbnb in the world is actually a lot smaller than you think.

The “Mushroom Dome” features a tiny bedroom with two beds, a kitchen and a wooden patio.

Located in the Northern Californian coastal town of Aptos, the squat cabin with a mushroom-shaped roof is hidden among the woods.

The owners, Michael and Kitty Mrache, have held the “most visited Airbnb in the world” title since 2009.

And if this cabin is right up your street, it’s almost entirely booked up until January 2020, according to the Airbnb website.

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Each night costs £104.77 ($130) and the listing averages around a whopping 3 million views a year.

Kitty, 69, told Vox the Mushroom Dome was constructed on her parents’ property as a temporary housing for a friend.

After her parents died, the Dome was transported to the Mrache’s own land and opened up to short-term tenants.

The couple consider themselves as good hosts and ensure their listing is a peaceful retreat from Silicon Valley.

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Kitty said: “I didn’t want to rent it out to a full-time renter. But my adult kids don’t come to visit very often, so I thought I’d rent it out on Craigslist.

“And that wasn’t much fun – people would say they were coming and not show up. I started to click on other Craigslistings to see how people handled the money, and I ended up on Airbnb’s website. My response was, ‘Woah this is incredible! It’s such a wonderful service’.

“So I signed up immediately and Airbnb gave me the HTML to embed [the Airbnb listing] in the Craigslist. It was a little hack.”

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Speaking about how popular the dome is, she continued: “We see the number of views each day. Usually it’s around 10,000, but sometimes it jumps to 30,000.

“We’ve had a lot of people come here for honeymoons, anniversaries, and birthdays. But I have to admit that my most memorable guests have been Airbnb employees.

“It’s been wonderful getting an inside view of Airbnb from them. They’ve all been incredibly friendly.”

For more information on the Mushroom Dome Cabin, visit Airbnb .

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