Mum’s 6p hack keeps small children entertained for hours while travelling

A parent has shown off the super cheap way she keeps her kids busy while on holiday.

Most children are happy to swim, play and run around for most of their holiday – thanks to sugary treats and excitement.

But, sometimes they can get bored or restless while on their way to the destination.

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Flights, buses and trains and never very entertaining for little ones so it’s useful to have some tricks up your sleeve to keep them happy.

And, travel show presented Samantha Brown posted to TikTok to share her clever hack that she’s been using on her kids for years, reports the Sun.

The mum stood with a balloon and noted: "When my kids were really young, I used to always travel with a few balloons.

"This is a great toy, it takes up no room in your bag and it can be instantly inflated when a child needs to work off a lot of pent up energy, which is a lot.

"It's better than a ball because you can hit a balloon as hard as you want and it never travels that far and it really doesn't harm anything.

"When you travel you just have a lot of long waits ahead of you.

"To have something that can create a diversion is really nice to have."

Samantha recognises that the hack won’t work in all situations, but still thinks it’s a handy trick.

She said: "Is it really good for every situation? No of course it's not. You have to really suss this out for yourself."

You can buy a pack of 12 balloons from The Range for 79p – meaning this hack will cost you just 6p a pop!

And, it’s not the only tip that will make parents’ lives easier when travelling with little ones.

Over on Reddit, experienced parents and travellers shared some clever ways to make flights easier when you have small children with you.

One user noted: “Most airlines will check a car seat for free for each child with an accompanying parent. So you should be able to check two car seats. I would check with the airline.

“You will check them like you would luggage and they will bag and tag them there.”

While another added: “We usually let ours pick a favourite snack for the flight and download movies or shows for them on Netflix.

“Our older two are somewhat seasoned travellers now but we’re traveling in June with our one year old for the first time so there will be a few extra small toys and snacks for her.

“With both kids, but especially the four month old, watch for signs of ear popping.”

Another parent had one tip to help with ear popping.

She said: “One of the best things you can do for your kids and fellow passengers is bottles or breast feeding during take off and landing!”

What’s your favourite travel tip? Tell us in the comments…


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