Migingo Island: How 500 people live on an area half the size of a soccer pitch

There’s a strong sense of community on the island of Migingo – which is just as well.

Between Uganda and Kenya the tiny fishing island is half the size of a soccer pitch and home to five hundred people.

Among the corrugated iron rooves there is incredibly space for houses, a barber shop and more than one brothel.

It’s so densely packed that many houses overlap with each other. On an island of barely 2000 square metres, there is only four metres square per inhabitant.

You can see why the people of Migingo take to the waters at any opportunity.

Fishermen set their nets for Nile perch at daybreak, which makes up the majority of the tiny islands’ economy.

Before the conflict could escalate, in 2009 it was ruled that Migingo was a Kenyan. Though today, the island is home to both Ugandans and Kenyans tensions still flare. The most recent of which was in September.

Speaking to Kenyan newspaper The Daily Nation, Migingo beach security chairman John Obunge Ugandan forces “pulled down the [Kenyan] flag and warned the Kenyan police deployed on the island against making such attempts again

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