Martin Lewis issues stark warning for France holidaymakers as country may face quarantine

Ministers have refused to rule out on imposing more quarantine rules on other countries despite warnings from some travel firms that they could collapse as a result. This follows the Government’s decision to force arrivals from Spain to isolate themselves for 14 days due to a significant spike in coronavirus cases in some areas. Money saving expert Martin Lewis offered advice to BBC Radio 5 Live callers on whether it was worth still booking holidays for France.

He said: “The cases in France have risen slightly and that worries people.

“Currently the Government’s travel advice is that it is perfectly safe and legitimate to travel to France.

“You’re entitled to make your own decision, but there is an idea here that they’re trying to keep the travel industry going and people still travelling.

“You should absolutely obey all the rules of the French Government for coronavirus when you go there, but I don’t think there is a moral issue.”

Mr Lewis continued: “You may decide you don’t want to go to the south of France, they may close the border with Spain.

“What I would be doing now after what Dominic Raab said at the weekend, which was that we could suddenly and quickly impose other quarantines, I’d be keeping my eye on the case numbers.

“I’d also be questioning if I were to go and a quarantine were to be imposed so that I’d have to sit for 14 days, what would the impact on my life be?

“If you and all the people travelling with you can all work from home, and the worst thing that happened would be that you wouldn’t be able to go out for two weeks, but you’d be able to carry on and there wouldn’t be a financial knock then actually you may want to go.”

The financial expert added: “But if that were to absolutely knock you and you could end up losing a whole month of income, then you’d have to be more cautious.

“The travel industry will hate that, but that’s the effect of what the Foreign Secretary said at the weekend.”

Mr Raab argued the Spain quarantine is “absolutely necessary” to avoid another lockdown in the UK.

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He also warned that there was “an element of uncertainty this summer if people go abroad”.

The Foreign Office is still currently advises British nationals against all but essential international travel.

French health authorities said at the weekend that the country’s R-rate had risen to 1.3.

Prime Minister Jean Castex said a second lockdown could not be ruled out and local measures would be imposed in response to any increase in infections.

There were over 1000 new infections of coronavirus reported in the country on July 24.

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