Lord of the Rings fans can bag a stay in a human-scale hobbit-hole

Fans of Lord of the Rings who feel that their Matamata experience was too short, can now live like a hobbit in this quirky holiday let.

However this hobbit hole is located far away from Middle-earth in Suffolk, middle England.

Shire Hollow is a hand-crafted Hobbit house inspired by the iconic mythical series, with its circular doors, curved walls and earthen roof.

But luckily the property, which sits in a private woodland estate in the Suffolk countryside, is human-sized and can sleep up to four guests with prices from $190 per night.

The nine foot tall home is built into a large mound of earth with large tangled roots arching from the ground and tall pine trees protruding either side.

It has lots of interesting features and Hobbit-inspired furniture, and even a miniature statue of Gandalf sits on the mantle-piece.

But while it resembles the Middle Earth residence of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, Shire Hollow also has lots of modern day luxuries like a flat-screen TV and WiFi for its 21st century guests.

Owner Jan Lengyel decided to create the unique property in the private woodland he owned.

“It’s wonderfully positioned in the heart of the glorious Suffolk countryside, the site is spoilt with a whole host of mesmeric natural marvels.

“Experience the quintessential charm of life in the Shire and satisfy the lifelong dream of every Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fans with a trip to this spectacular abode.”


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