Jetstar provides ‘Movember check-in guide’

As Kiwi males around the country begin to grow out the fuzz on their faces for the month of ‘Movember’, Jetstar has released a unique new check-in guide.

In partnership with the Movember Foundation NZ, Jetstar’s check-in guide encourages men to check in with each other face-to-face to promote good mental health.

The guide is a parody of an airline safety card and reminds men that “it’s not always easy to spot when mate is having a tough time”.

It recommends checking in with friends in person, talking and listening, offering hugs, being active and social and not letting distance get in the way of friendship.

Tony MacDonald, Senior Pilot at Jetstar in New Zealand, explains;
“Thousands of people check in with Jetstar every day, but this month, in support of Movember, Jetstar is focusing on the importance of another kind of check-in: the one you do with your mates,” explained senior Jetstar pilot Tony MacDonald.

“A simple catch up can do wonders for your friends’ and your own mental health.”

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