JetBlue wants to know if you’d pay $5 to check your carry-on bag

A week after Delta offered a $59 annual subscription guaranteeing overhead bin space, JetBlue is conducting its own experiment in charging passengers for a service that used to be free.

For $5, you can check a carry-on bag at the check-in gate in Orlando, saving you from lugging it through the airport and security. Like any other carry-on, participating bags must be 22”x14”x 9” and weigh 25 pounds or less.

JetBlue confirmed to USA TODAY it is running a trial at Orlando International Airport to gauge customer interest, rationalizing that the boarding process will go faster if there are fewer passengers holding up people behind them as they try to squeeze their bags into crowded overhead bins.

Would you pay $59 a year for overhead bin space?  Delta is betting the answer is yes

“We are testing a new feature in our Orlando ticketing lobby allowing travelers to check a carry-on bag meeting certain size and weight requirements,” Philip Stewart, the airline’s corporate communications manager, told USA TODAY. “In an effort to streamline the travel experience, we hope customers will enjoy carrying fewer bags through security and a quicker boarding process at the gate. We look forward to gathering feedback on this trial from our customers and crew members.”

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