JetBlue Updates Points Pooling Program for TrueBlue Members

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As part of JetBlue’s ongoing digital transformation, the airline’s official website revealed an enhanced TrueBlue experience that includes “Points Pooling”, a more flexible and user-friendly way for members to pool points together.

The Points Pooling option allows groups to quickly earn and redeem points together and the updated policies add even more flexibility by allowing members to determine their own pool based on who and what is most beneficial to them.

JetBlue remains the only major carrier in the United States to offer the free points pooling option for all loyalty members.

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“We broke ground with our original family pooling option and we’re continuing to innovate with the new, more flexible version,” JetBlue executive vice president Marty St George said in a statement. “Customers determine the pool that works best for them, helping points rack up even faster with a program that’s even easier to manage.”

“Our TrueBlue members are our most loyal customers,” St George continued. “We’re excited to introduce a streamlined experience based on their feedback. The new platform better fits into our customers’ lifestyle whether they’re on a computer or on the go.”

According to JetBlue, updated program benefits include:

Feature“Points Pooling” (New Program)“Family Pooling” (Previous Program)
Pool SizeYour “pool” can be made up of two to seven members of all ages, family or not!A “family” was limited to two adults (age 21+) and up to five children (under age 21).


Instead of contributing a set percentage of points, members contribute 100 percent of their points to the “pool.”

Members can redeem or leave the “pool” with their unused points, whenever they choose.

Members had to select a percentage of points to contribute to the “pool.”

All points were transferred to “Head of Household’s” account to manage.

The “Head of Household” is now the “Pool Leader.” The “Pool Leader” must be at least 21 years of age.

The “Pool Leader” can designate other “Pool” members to redeem points and book reward travel.

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