JetBlue Is Turning 5 People Into Literal Gift-Wrapped Holiday Presents

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a large passenger jet flying through a blue sky: A jetBlue Airways airplane takes off from Newark Liberty Airport on September 30, 2018 as seen from Elizabeth, New Jersey.

What could be better than going home for the holidays? How about arriving on your parent’s doorstep gift wrapped, including bows?

JetBlue introduced a new Go Get Gifted promotion today, a contest that will turn five winners into literal holiday presents.

The contest starts today and runs through December 12th. To enter, potential gifts can visit this website and enter their name and email address along with their departure and destination cities. You’ll also have to explain while you think you’d make “the fly-set gift” in 280 characters or less and detail what print you’d like on your wrapping paper as well as your bow style.

If you’re stumped by that wrapping paper and bow question, the site offers options. For instance, your “bow style” options include “The Mummy,” “The Burrito,” and “The Boxer.” You can also specify whether you’d like to wear that bow as a head topper, bow tie, or “Face First” and whether or not you’ll need bubble wrap or a fragile sticker.

Five winners will be selected from the entries the airline receives. Those winners will then be gift wrapped from head to toe before they’re delivered to their destination. And yes, they’ll also give you a ticket to go back to your actual home after the holidays.

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