Jessica Alba Uses This Miracle Product to Banish Blisters When Hiking and Walking

Jessica Alba

Not enough time to break in a fresh pair of shoes? Blisters. Unknowingly walked 20 miles and didn’t wear the correct footwear? Blisters. Shoes too big? Blisters. Plain and simple, those pesky raised bumps are the bane (and pain) of our existence. So, what if we told you there was an effective way to eliminate them for good? We thought you'd be all ears. 

The genius product discovery that’s going to banish blisters for good comes courtesy of Jessica Alba. The actor spent a week at The Ranch Malibu with her BFF Kelly Sawyer, learning and doing all things wellness like eating vegan food, regularly meditating, and lots and lots of hiking in her stylish Tory Burch workout gear. 

Anyone who’s ever been on back-to-back miles-long treks knows the damage they can do to your feet, and from all the walking Alba did, we can’t imagine what her heels would have looked like had she not used HikeGoo’s Blister Prevention Cream — the latest celeb-approved find that’s been deemed a “miracle worker” by one Amazon shopper.

HikeGoo was created by the founders of Foot Kinetic with one simple goal in mind: to help people take purposeful strides without being held back by pesky, painful blisters. The game-changing foot cream is perhaps the simplest way to keep the painful bumps at bay — and though “hike” is in its name, you can use it for just about every activity imaginable, from running a marathon to walking your dog around the block.

The goo, which is Amazon’s Choice for foot creams, contains a high percentage of specialty hard waxes that ensure it stays put all day and which form a friction-free layer between skin and sock. Simply rub the cream on your feet, focusing on those areas most prone to blisters like heels and toes, and you’re ready to walk, run, or hike a marathon oh-so-comfortably (proper shoes required). 

HikeGoo Blister Prevention Cream Specifically Formulated for Feet

To buy:, $15

Amazon shoppers are blown away by the efficacy of HikeGoo. “This product is a serious game changer. I have seriously bothersome feet — if I walk more than a couple miles in a day, I get huge, painful blisters under the balls of my feet,” read one customer review. “I went to Europe for three weeks this summer… I used this stuff every day and survived the trip blister-free. I was truly shocked it worked as well as it did!” Another shopper deemed the HikeGoo a “miracle worker.” “I can't overstate it… I had a foot miracle [after using it],” they wrote.

But the standout review that will surely convince you to try it if you have any doubts is this: “Effective product that prevented me from getting blisters during a 850-mile walk over 50 days.” Eight hundred and fifty miles? Yeah, we’re sold.

Shop the Alba-approved foot care product and get ready to say bye to blisters for good. 

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