Japanese cabin crew’s creative response to ‘no window’ complaint

When a moaning airline passenger demanded he have a window seat he probably thought the cabin crew would arrange for him to swap seats.

But one flight attendant came up with a much more cheeky response – by drawing a picture of a window on a piece of paper and sticking it on the wall next to him.

The incident happened on a flight in Japan when the unhappy passenger, who had requested a window seat, ended up sat in a row without a window.

A fellow passenger called @koo_TmS_suke noted on Twitter that when the crew on the unknown airline came around during the drinks service, the man in question blurted out “give me a window seat.”

すんごい雑www pic.twitter.com/Zkk8WOyd5z

According to the MailOnline, the flight attendant walked away before rushing back with a piece of paper and stuck it to the blank canvas wall next to the man.

And on closer inspection, it turned out that the cabin crew member had actually drawn a picture of a window featuring blue sea and white clouds, to give the impression of scenery.

A picture of the flight attendant’s artwork was then posted on Twitter gaining almost 8,000 retweets and 15,000 likes.

窓が無い座席だったので隣のお兄さんがCAさんにクレームをつけたら、上空の景色書いて貼り付けてくれたwww pic.twitter.com/FJv6kJnwnD

And according to Sora News 24, other Twitter users found the drawing hilarious and praised the flight attendant’s response.

One wrote: “That’s really clever”, and another said: “Great thinking by the attendant.”

While one sarcastically remarked: “How lucky he must be to be gifted with a such a unique scenery.”

帰りの窓は手書きじゃないです残念 pic.twitter.com/88nI3B9zqL

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