Italy’s Cinque Terre region to impose fines over $4000 on tourists who wear jandals

They might be a favourite footwear item for many Kiwis, but wearing jandals in this scenic Italian spot could land you a fine of over $4000.

Known for its picturesque pastel buildings overlooking the Italian Riveria, Cinque Terre is imposing hefty fines for tourists who take on its steep, winding trails without appropriate footwear – including jandals, pumps or sandals.

The move comes after mountain rescue units became frustrated with having to rescue ill-equipped visitors who found themselves in trouble while walking the narrow pathways that link the five former fishing villages of the area.

Cinque Terre is a popular spot for cruise ship visitors and the national park authority is set to introduce a public information campaign to convince tourists to be better prepared, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Those who ignore the advice will be faced with fines between €50 ($83) and €2,500 ($4167) – depending on how much inconvenience and expense their actions result in.

In a month, the high tourist season will begin in the region – which is bracing itself for the arrival of increasing numbers of hapless tourists, due to a forecast rise in the number of cruise ships visiting the area.

According to the Telegraph, an estimated 750,000 passengers are expected this year, compared to 450,000 last year – with many more expected to arrive by train.

“The problem is that people come here thinking they are at the seaside, but the paths above the villages are like mountain trails,” Patrizio Scarpellini, the head of the Cinque Terre national park, told the Telegraph.

“First we will introduce the information campaign, then we’ll start issuing fines.”
Tourists who get into trouble are rescued by the Club Alpino Italiano, or Italian Alpine Club, which maintains paths across the country.

Two such incidents occurred last year. In one, a German family attempted to navigate a rocky path with a child in a push chair, while at another time, an elderly Italian man with his leg in a cast tried to walk a cliff-top trail.

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