Invercargill: NZ’s treasure trove of vintage

Invercargill is a treasure trove of all things vintage

Whether you swoon over historic architecture, get hot under the hood for antique cars, or happily spend hours thrift shopping, Invercargill is a delight for anyone with an appreciation for all things old.

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Established in the mid-19th century, this proud Southland city retains many of its original heritage buildings and harbours a deep respect for its history in the fields of agriculture, technology and innovation. The cityscape features an impressive number of Victorian and Edwardian builds, many lovingly restored, the result of its economically prosperous early years. There are also some Art Deco gems, alongside charming mid-century houses.

Those who love vintage fashion and antique homewares are sure to unearth some quality finds, while motorsport fans will relish the niche museums for which the city is famous.

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