Inside ‘wild’ Ibiza parties as Brits go maskless, down shots and romp in streets

An internationally renowned DJ has revealed the “crazy antics” that wild Brits are getting up to at Ibiza clubs.

After the country was given the green light for holidays for a whole month, many jetted off to the party destination.

Among them is Chelsea Singh, a producer and resident DJ for Select Radio.

The music maestro played at four clubs over four nights in July – and, he says British clubbers are letting loose in a spectacular way after over a year of pandemic lockdowns.

Many piled into clubs and went maskless, which may be why Ibiza was dropped back down to the Amber list on July 19.

DJ Chelsea, who recently released the tracks “40 Miles” with star Angie Brown and “Make You Whole” with Rob Tissera, opened up about shots galore, the drugs scene and finally getting to rave again.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Chelsea said: “Where I was the clubs I played at were rammed, they were packed, but having said that it was a green light when I was there and it only changed whilst I was there to Amber.

“People have been at home for 17 months so they couldn’t wait to get out and party.

“Waiting 17 months for people to rave and enjoy good music – and clubbing and raving in general is such a social thing – after being locked away people were really letting their hair down.

“It was crazy. There were people dancing on sofas, dancing on tables and shots galore.

“There were a lot of shot girls out there and I’ve never seen any shot girls that busy.

“People were doing shot after shot after shot. And, just hands in the air and dancing – it was euphoric.”

In the rave and house music world there’s arguably more sex and drugs than in rock and roll in 2021.

In days gone by, clubs on the island would put live sex shows on the stages for partygoers to watch, but in the age of coronavirus you’d expect the island to have cut back on hedonism.

But, have they?

Chelsea said: “There were certainly a lot of antics going on in the clubs and outside in the corners of the streets, but I didn’t see any of that.

“Maybe I was DJ’ing at slightly classier clubs?”

And, it seems that drugs are as embedded into British club life as ever.

The DJ noted: “Club culture is like modelling culture, it’s embedded in the culture, nobody’s going to tell you me or anybody that they spent all night, up until 2am, on vodka and Coca Cola!”

According to the music producer, who released 17 new tracks during the pandemic, the island is rammed with British and Irish tourists.

Chelsea told us “I have to admit the majority were British, there were a lot of Irish there as well but the majority were British.

“I think Brits were so fed up when you try and hold us down for 17 months we’re going to take the first opportunity to go out and rave.

“We go hard, there’s no bars hold with us lot.”

When it comes to coronavirus safety precautions, Chelsea noted that some clubs asked partygoers to wear masks to and from the smoking area.

But, he added: “Once inside the club nobody had a mask on.

“It was pretty much like we were back to normal.”

He noted that most of of the big clubs in Ibiza aren’t yet open and that it’s the smaller clubs and bars letting the raves go on into the night.

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