‘I’m a pilot and passengers often accidentally slow down the boarding process’

When boarding a flight it can be very annoying to feel the entire process is going slowly.

After all, when jetting off on holiday we're all keen to get seated, relax and enjoy a drink while heading somewhere sunny.

But, a pilot has explained that there's one mistake lots of people make that causes the whole boarding experience to drag and slows us all down.

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The experience of rushing to the boarding gate with seemingly little time to spare only to be sat there for what feels like an age waiting for the plane to be open is an annoying one.

Especially when everyone starts a long and winding queue that never seems to move.

When the boarding call finally comes, it can be easy to jump to your feet in anticipation of getting going, but pilot Patrick Smith notes that doing so is a mistake.

He says that one of the most common blunders holidaymakers make is rushing to the gate the moment boarding is announced.

"When your flight is called for boarding, resist the urge to stand up and get in line immediately," he told eShores. "In the past, people stayed in their seats until their row or zone was called.

"Nowadays, when the first pre-boarding call is announced, two-hundred people instantly stand up and form a mob, blocking the way for those passengers whose zones are actually being called.

"People are forced to literally elbow and shove their way to the front. It’s madness, and there’s no need for it. Standing in line does not get you on the plane any faster. On the contrary, it makes the already tedious boarding process take longer."

When you're finally aboard, your flight is likely to be much comfier if you book a seat, according to Patrick.

"The longer the flight, the more important your seat choice becomes," he said. "If your sole objective is to save money by going with the cheapest fare option, chances are you’ll find yourself in a middle seat.

"But for any flight more than a few hours long, I recommend paying extra for the ability to pick a seat."

You should always be careful when booking a seat, as the layout can vary from plane to plane.

"Keep in mind that planes are configured in different ways depending on the aircraft model and market," he added. "Seat 15B in a domestic configuration might be very different from 15B on a long-haul flight. I suggest having a look at the diagrams and reviews on sites like SeatGuru.com."


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