Ibis hotels wants to relieve guests of Instagram stress with ‘social media sitter’

Imagine being on vacation and not being bogged down with sharing how your current surroundings have quelled your insatiable #wanderlust. That’s the kind of peace of mind Ibis Hotels would like to offer its guests in Geneva and Zurich, with a “social media sitter.”

“Enjoy your city trip without digital stress,” the hotel chain promises on a site promoting the service (that was translated via Google). “Our Instagram professionals will provide the best posts on your profile. And you (can) enjoy the city without a smartphone in front of (your) face.”

Some of the “sitters” listed on the site have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. The service became available to guests at the start of the month, and bookings are open through Dec. 2.

Ibis’ parent company, Accor Hotels, promoted the benefits of the offering, where else but on Instagram. 

In the ad, a man photographs his love while canoeing on a lake. Immediately, they are inundated with people reacting to the image that presumably would’ve been posted, including an emotional ex and an overly critical photographer.

“Shhh,” says the sitter, emerging and placing a hand on the social media user’s shoulder. The sitter then takes the photo, appeasing the crowd and leaving the couple to enjoy the picturesque moment.

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