‘I won’t stop taking my kids on holiday in term time as I don’t see the problem’

A mum has waded into the term-time holiday debate by explaining how much money she's saved on unauthorised holidays.

As the summer holidays come ever closer, the window for taking kids away on an illicit pre-break-trip somewhere sunny is getting smaller and smaller.

Those who play by the rules and don't take their kids out of school without permission face paying bumped up prices during the six-week high season.

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Those who don't can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds while booking the same trip, due to a lack of demand keeping prices low.

But, they face a £60 fine per child for taking them off school during term.

Both parents can be given the fine even if one didn’t know the other was taking them like in the case of Matthew Beale.

Rachel Smith, from Essex, has opened up about doing the latter and taking her two kids out of school for five nights in May and seven days in June.

The 32-year-old argued that the children are still "learning" even when they're abroad, reports the Mirror.

"So it really does appear that a lot of people have got an opinion about me for taking my children out of school in term time to go on holiday," she said on her Tiktok account.

"But let's just clear a few things up.

"First of all, when we’re away on holiday, my children are learning a new language, they’re learning about a different culture and they’re experiencing the real world.

"They’re always learning, it’s not just in a classroom."

Rachel compared going away to having chickenpox, suggesting that "nobody worries about their education" when children fall ill.

"So what’s the problem?" she concluded.

In a later video the 32-year-old explained that she had received a £60 fine for her son and another for her daughter for their June holiday.

"But still nothing for our May holiday, so I think I’ve got away with that one," she said.


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