Husband on no-fly list after finding unfaithful flight attendant wife’s sex diary

A jilted husband’s plan to publish his flight attendant wife’s secret sex diary, which detailed her steamy encounters with airlines colleagues, has backfired after he was slapped with a flying ban.

The husband discovered his wife, a mother of four, was unfaithful two years ago when he discovered her secret journal on her computer.

In it, the 48-year-old flight attendant with Dutch airline Transavia documented sexual encounters on the plane and at stopovers in hotels with a variety of lovers, many of whom were allegedly married pilots.

After discovering the diary, the furious husband passed it on to the media, and allegedly confronted a Transavia pilot who was named in his wife’s accounts.

The unnamed wife, who has since divorced her husband, has been locked in a legal battle to suppress details of the diary from being published.

She was supported by Transavia, a low-cost subsidiary of Air France-KLM, which sought to protect the reputation of the company and its staff, the Netherland’s NL Times reported.

The man reached an out-of-court settlement with his ex-wife not to publish details from her diary.

Now, he has been slapped with a five-year flight ban with Transavia, reportedly due to his confrontation with the pilot, the MailOnline reports.

“Because of the defamation and abuse of our personnel, he has been banned from flying for five years,” a Transavia spokesman said.

“We take everything very seriously. An internal research has shown that the safety of passengers was never in doubt.”

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