How to Get Serious Loyalty Mileage From Your Lyft Ride

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a person that is standing in the street: How to Get Serious Loyalty Mileage From Your Lyft Ride

There’s now yet another way your Lyft ride can do double duty for you as both a ride service and a way to accumulate loyalty points. A new partnership with the Hilton Honors loyalty program allows you to link your Hilton Honors and Lyft accounts so that you can earn Hilton Honors points for up to $10,000 in Lyft spend per year in the United States and Canada.

Once you link the accounts and confirm your Hilton Honors account number, you can earn three points for every dollar spent on a private Lyft ride and two points for every dollar spent on shared Lyft rides (this applies to the base fare, but excludes taxes, fees, tolls, and tips).

The Hilton Honors option is the latest in a string of loyalty partnerships that Lyft has forged in the past few years allowing riders to earn points during their drive. If you’d rather opt for flight miles, both Delta and JetBlue cooperate with Lyft as well—Delta linked up with Lyft in May 2017, following a similar move by JetBlue in November 2016.  

And you don’t have to choose which rewards program you want your Lyft ride to go toward—riders can earn points and miles across Lyft partners, so you could be gaining Hilton Honors points and JetBlue miles from the same ride, according to Lyft.

Toearn Delta SkyMiles during your Lyft ride, link the accounts and you can earn one mile per every dollar on any ride in the United States, and two miles for every dollar spent on an airport ride (excluding taxes, fees, tolls, and tips).

JetBlue loyalists can connect their TrueBlue and Lyft accounts to earn 30 TrueBlue points for every airport ride. First-time Lyft riders (wait, there are people who haven’t used Lyft before?) will get 750 TrueBlue points for signing up to the linked program and taking their first Lyft Classic, Plus, or Premier ride.

You can also use your Lyft ride to earn you, well, money toward Lyft rides. A recent deal between Lyft and the World Elite Mastercard translated into the opportunity for riders to earn $10 in Lyft credit each month as long as you take five qualifying rides (not surprisingly, all or a portion of the ride must be charged to a World Elite Mastercard, and the offer does not apply to Lyft bike or scooter rides).

That came on the heels of Lyft’s own business travel rewards program, which launched a new offer in November that gives riders with a Lyft Business Profile $5 in personal ride credit for every five business rides they take.

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