How to get cheap flights for 2020 holidays – and when it’s best time to book

If you're already thinking about a holiday in 2020, it's never too early to start booking flights.

In fact, according to online travel agency Opodo, planning ahead could actually help you bag even cheaper bargains.

The firm looked at average prices for return flights from the UK and Ireland for both short-haul and long haul and determined when you should start booking your flights.

Opodo also discovered what day of the week is the best to find cheap flights.

Here are three tips to booking cheap flights:

1. Book in January

According to the report, January had the cheapest average price for flights with tickets around £241.

This comes as no surprise because the first month of the year always has a lot of flash sales and deals.

But avoid booking in July as that month is proven to have the highest average price of flights at £344.

2. Sunday is not just for lie-ins

We all do love a Sunday lie-in but did you know booking flights on this day is actually the cheapest in the week?

An average global ticket price is around £574, while the second cheapest is on a Monday with £586 for an average price.

3. It's all about your destination

Whatever the time of the year you're booking, there are some windows where you could find bargains or nab the best value deals.

Opodo has found the optimal time to book depending on your destination.

Short-haul: Book approximately 50 days in advance

The US: Book approximately 36 days in advance

Asia: Book approximately 30 days in advance

Africa: Book approximately 70 days in advance

You can find out more on the Opodo website.

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