How to future-proof your holiday for 2021


If the UK has entered another lockdown in the interim, you won’t be left frantically chasing refunds. Of course, the travel landscape is changing at lightning speed in this pandemic, and even within a few days things could change – but you’ll be in a much better position to make an informed decision about the best destination to pick.

Book direct

The Independent’s travel team often hears horror stories about holidaymakers attempting to get their money back when they are entitled to a refund. But however hard you think it might be chasing up your airline, hotel or tour operator, it can be a thousand times harder to claim your money back if you’ve booked through a third party. It places a buffer between the actual service provider and customer, and online-only travel agents can be hard to contact (many only offer an email address rather than a phone number for this very reason).

They may promise cheaper prices, but if things go awry or plans change, it’s arguably not worth the hassle.

Wait for a vaccine

If you want the ultimate in peace of mind, wait until there’s a viable vaccine (and until you’ve been vaccinated). In which case, travel problems should revert to the good old standbys of lost luggage and emergency medical care…

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