Hotel secrets: Insiders reveal ‘disgusting’ truth about ‘only clean thing in your room’

Hotel rooms are available to meet every budget and they can vary enormously in quality, style and more. Cleanliness is something most holidaymakers seek when they stay in hotels. However, with so many people passing through the rooms – how clean are they really?


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Hospitality insiders have taken to US knowledge-sharing site Quora to share their experiences.

One former maid and a hotelier revealed that hotel rooms are not as clean as people think.

There’s one item in the room that is never cleaned – the throw or bed covering.

“Let’s say a hotel is not a good place for germaphobes,” wrote hotelier Ken Lim on Quora.

“Stay out of the coverlet, it’s never cleaned.”

He also warned that another item in the room may look clean – but you may want to think twice about using it.

Lim revealed that the coffee maker has likely not just been used to make caffeinated beverages.

“Personally, the thing that’s most squeamish to me is the coffee maker,” he posted.

“Yes, it looks clean, but who knows how the previous guests used it before you?

“Think vomit, cigarette butts, crayons etc. Not everyone is a good samaritan.”

A former hotel maid added that it’s really only bedding and towels you can guarantee is clean.

“Be prepared that the only clean thing in your room is the bedsheets/towels,” Natalia Balska wrote.


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She continued: “I worked during my first years in Uni as a maid during the summer. They were 4/5 star hotels in London, around 200 pounds per night. What some maids and managers did to save time was awful.

“Normally you get allocated around 20 minutes to prepare the room.

That means you usually don’t have enough time to do everything properly unless you want to do unpaid overtime.

“I mean not only has the linen need to be changed, but also bathroom has to be cleaned and dried without spots, glasses washed, toilet paper end bend with the manual, bins emptied, bar restocked, flat surfaces wiped and some not needed stuff arranged on them by the manual, laundry hauled off to the shoot, the list goes on.

“The manager or key maid would come and inspect the cleanness.

“What I saw: manager getting a sponge cleaning toilet from some dry water spots, getting some more cleaning liquid and proceeding to clean the water glasses on the washbasin, getting pillowcases/towels from previous guests to clean and dry off the bathroom walls/tubs/sinks/desks (well, no spots from water but…), different colour sponges used for different cleaning purposes landing in one big box at the end of the day to dry without sterilising them (this is solely manager staff fault – there is no way they didn’t know about that, they just didn’t care).

“In other words, it was disgusting lack of responsibility towards the clients, yes the room was spotless but… I hope I at least saved some poor souls by washing the glasses with soap and my hands and drying them with toilet paper (sic).”

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