Hotel secrets: Cabin crew reveals what to never do when you book into hotels

A flight attendant has revealed what you should never do when you book into a hotel. Cabin crew member Kat Kamalani shared her insight in a video going viral on social media site Tik Tok. In the clip, she shared her top tips and travel advice for hotels.

Her first pointer in the viral video might cause alarm for some travellers.

Kamalani warned against letting others know where you’re staying.

“Never say your room number out loud just in case there’s anyone around and you don’t want them knowing where you’re staying,” she advised.

What’s more, you don’t want to inadvertently lead anyone to your room.

“Always make sure there’s no one behind you when going unto your room,” Kamalani advised.

Alert levels shouldn’t necessarily relax once you’re behind closed doors, though, the cabin crew cautioned.

“Check if there’s anyone in your room – behind curtains, under your bed etc,” she said.

“Lock the doors and always make sure you lock the top lock.”

The flight attendant also shared her words of wisdom on cleanliness.

“Next you want to check for bed bugs – check on the corners [of the mattress],” she explained.

It’s also what’s on top of the bed you might want to exercise caution over.

Not everything in the room is cleaned equally.

“Take off any decorative pillows or top comforters – they never wash those,” Kamalani instructed.

Your own belongings may well be pretty dirty too.

“Next never put your bag on the bed – it’s been through the airport and it’s disgusting,” said the frequent traveller.

Her last top tips was a hotel hack for keeping things cool.

“Any if you don’t have a refrigerator, put your food in the ice bucket and there you go.”

However, travellers should use the ice bucket with a plastic bag inside it.

The buckets are generally not cleaned very regularly and people have been known to vomit, urinate or worse in them.

A previous investigation by public health inspectors in the cities of St Paul and Minneapolis in the USA found ice buckets can be riddled with bacteria.

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