Hot water! The world's most photographed pools

Hot water! From mountain-view infinity pools to glass-bottomed swim spaces – the world’s most photographed pools revealed

  • The Kayon Jungle Resort in Bali has an infinity pool that spills out over three-tiers and overlooks the jungle 
  • The 25-metre sky pool at Alpin Panorama Hotel in Italy has a glass bottom and is filled with mountain water
  • Bambuda Lodge in Panama has a pool slide that shoots swimmers into the waters of the Caribbean Sea

There’s no shortage of swimming pool photos on Instagram.

The hashtags #poolsofinstagram, #poolsoftheworld, #poollife and #poolside have been used millions of times.

But not all pools are worth their saltwater as far as Instagramers are concerned – some appear in the feeds of the social media site countless more times than others.

And here, MailOnline Travel reveals some of these most photographed pools, from a dramatic Swiss mountain infinity pool to a three-tiered swimming space that looks out on to the lush Balinese rainforest.

Other popular swimming spots include a glass-bottomed pool in the Italian mountains, a shell-shaped pool in the Seychelles and a pool that serves up eagles nest views of the Balearic Sea off the coast of Ibiza.

Scroll down and decide which one you would like to take a dip in….

At the Kayon Jungle Resort in Bali, there’s a place called the Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar where the infinity pool spills out over three tiers. Areas of decking and booth-style drinking spaces sidle up to the water and the whole spot looks out over the jungle. Instagram pictures of people posing in these pools have been viewed tens of thousands of times

The Alpin Panorama Hotel in Hubertos, Italy, has six pools. One is the Skypool, pictured, which is 25 metres long and is filled with mountain water. There’s a glass window at the bottom of the end of the pool that shoots out over the ground, so people can appreciate the suspension as they swim. An Instagram image of a couple posing at the edge of this pool at sunset has been liked 32,000 times

The infinity pool at Miramonti Boutique Hotel looks out over the mountains in the South Tyrol region of Italy. Some of the single images of this pool on Instagram have clocked up more than 130,000 likes

The luxury Six Senses Zil Pasyon hotel is located in the Seychelles. Its spa is home to an elevated rock top pool with a sundeck and meditation pavilion that looks out over the Indian Ocean. A photo of Instagramer missangievilla in this pool has clocked up 18,300 likes

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The three-tier infinity pool at the La Posidonia Spa at Hacienda Na Xamena serves up eagle nest views of the Balearic Sea on the north coast of Ibiza. Some of the hotel’s 77 rooms and suites come with sea-view Jacuzzis big enough for more than two, too. Some of the Instagram images of this place have gained more than 12,000 likes

Situated 914 metres (3,000ft) above sea level, the Hotel Villa Honegg is surrounded by Swiss mountain and lake scenery. You get some of the best views from the infinity pool, where the water is heated to 34 degrees year-round. A snap of Instagramer eri.ogawa1102 in this pool attracted 29,800 likes

Many Instagrammers, including Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson, have been snapped doing everything from headstands to just plain pouting in the pools at Mystique Hotel Santorini. The Secrecy, Mystery and Holistic villas all come with their own infinity pools

Bambuda Lodge is on Isla Solarte, one of the nine main islands of the remote Boca del Toro islands off the north coast of Panama. Its pool looks out over the Caribbean Sea. There’s a slide right next to the water that shoots visitors from the poolside into the sea itself with a splash. Despite being off the beaten track, this pool has been snapped for Instagram thousands of times

Y-40 Deep Joy is one of the deepest swimming pools in the world. It’s part of the Millepini Hotel Terme complex in Montegrotto Terme, a 45-minute drive from Venice in Italy. Guests of the hotel can swim in a reserved area of the pool that’s just 1.3 metres deep. Underwater photos taken in this pool have been posted on Instagram thousands of times

The pool inside the Cathedral Cave at Grotto Bay Beach Resort in Bermuda is a natural one. It’s filled with mineral waters and can reach 30 feet deep in some areas. There’s also a place called Natural Spa here, where you can get massage treatments next to natural cave waters

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