Hong Kong tourism campaign slammed as ‘creepy’

It was meant to depict a quirky love story, but Hong Kong’s new tourism campaign has fallen flat on social media – with viewers slamming it as “creepy”.

Titled Treasures of the Heart, the short ad was directed by Chan Chi-fat and shared by Hong Kong’s official Twitter account earlier this month.

Girl meets boy. Girl leaves boy. Boy hides girl’s passport: A #ShamShuiPo love story. https://t.co/lWuDOApK81 pic.twitter.com/WtvbWuJBrh

The video shows a young woman frantically searching for her passport, a few hours ahead of her flight to her new university.

After finding a note left by her boyfriend, it is revealed that he took her passport because he doesn’t want her to leave – and then sends her on a scavenger hunt around the city.

“Girl meets boy. Girl leaves boy. Boy hides girl’s passport: A #ShamShuiPo love story,” the tweet reads.

Since the ad was posted on October 10, angry viewers have called out the “terrible message” behind it, describing it as abusive and controlling behaviour.

stealing someone’s passport isn’t romantic, it’s what abusers do….delete this

terrible message!

Stop romanticizing this. This is not romantic this is controlling, manipulative and abusive. This is not love. ?

My father destroyed my mother’s passports (new and old copies) because he felt that she doesn’t deserve to leave the house. Do you know how it feels to have an abusive partner who takes liberty in deciding everything for you? It’s hell. Don’t romanticise abusers.

While many called for the ad to be removed, it remains on the Hong Kong Twitter account.

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