Holidays: Skyscanner reveals ‘biggest change’ among Britons amid UK travel restrictions

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Holidays abroad have been hanging in the balance over the last few months. While countries have steadily reopened their doors to tourists, the UK has been keeping tabs on countries’ coronavirus case rates. Currently, the UK has travel corridors in place with certain countries who have a low COVID-19 infection rate.

Anyone visiting the UK from a country not on the travel corridor list has to quarantine for 14 days.

Each week, the list is reviewed by the government with countries getting the axe at short notice if they record a spike in cases.

This ever-changing situation has led many holidaymakers to adapt and book holidays differently.

Director of Global Brand for Skyscanner Jo McClintock told about this latest trend and how travellers are adapting to the UK’s travel corridor changes.

“The UK travel community is really engaged with evolving guidance, and they are responding rapidly as it changes”, said McClintock.

She then explained what Britons are doing in order to ensure they still get a holiday this year, despite the pandemic.

She continued: “In addition to destinations rising and falling in popularity as the quarantine exemption list continually changes, we’re increasingly seeing travellers waiting until the last minute to book and opting for flexible ticket options in order to continue to travel.”

She explained that “last-minute travel” has been the biggest change in travel behaviour for the UK.

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“We are a nation who love to plan and dream about our holidays,” she said.

She continued: “But keen travellers have adjusted their mindset and are grabbing opportunities to get away as they arise.

“Most people booking are looking to go away as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of changing restrictions whilst they are abroad, with nearly a quarter of bookings made on Skyscanner in August made less than a week before departure.”

McClintock described British holidaymakers as “savvy” by waiting until the the last minute to book a break away.

She said: “UK travellers are very savvy and are waiting until close to departure to book for increased peace of mind.

“They are also choosing flexible tickets, so they are protected should the rules change and they need to change their itineraries.”

She added: “Our ‘everywhere’ search and month views are perfect for finding the perfect break for your dates and budget, you can also filter by flexible booking policies when going through the search process.”

Although Britons have been savvy in booking their breaks abroad last minute, UK travellers are in support of airport testing which could replace quarantine if it is implemented. asked McClintock whether airport testing would change how people view travel.

She said that a recent poll suggested that Britons would be more likely to travel abroad if testing was in place.

She said: “From talking to our UK travel community over the past few months, we have seen that testing is a welcome idea for many of them.

In fact, 85 percent of travellers surveyed on Skyscanner in a poll we did this month said they would be more likely to travel abroad if airport testing was in place.”

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