Holidays: Never forget to do this one thing before staying at a hotel – top tips revealed

Holidays at hotels come with plenty of benefits when it comes to being pampered and indulged by staff and amenities. There are hotels to suit nearly every budget and need for luxury. Recent Channel 5 documentary The All-Inclusive: How Do They Do It? has revealed some top tips to get the most of a hotel stay.


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One common problem at hotels in hot locations with swimming pools is the sun loungers.

Holidaymakers often panic that they will miss out on nabbing one of the beds.

Consequently, there can be a manic rush in the morning to reserve the pool-side loungers.

Are there any ways to get around this pre-breakfast stress to secure a seat?

The Channel 5 show looked at three different groups of British tourists at a Spanish resort catering for 1,300 guests.

One family were veterans when it comes to all-inclusive holidays and revealed their travel hacks.

When they got up in the morning they prioritised getting down to the pool to nab their sunbed before they went to breakfast.

They even position one of the group on the balcony to keep an eye on their spot.

However, their top tip was to research the hotel ahead of travel.

Reading reviews of hotels can give you insider tips you may never have considered before.

You could find out advice on the best locations for sunbeds and where to position them.

One of the British tourists in the TV documentary said: “What’s paid off most for us is reading reviews online.


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“People will comment on sunbeds or queues and food.

“Read the reviews – they might even mention where the sun’s going to be, where to sit around the pool.”

Some holidaymakers can also be spotted in Spanish all-inclusive resort using giant clips to keep their towel fastened to the lounger to clearly mark the territory as their own.

The All-Inclusive also emphasised the importance of planning ahead when it comes to timings, too, particularly when it comes to mealtimes.

One family in the show who have never been to an all-inclusive hotel before do not do this and end up rather confused about when lunch is available.

They also end up missing out on the resort waterpark because they didn’t check when it closed.

Consequently, it’s vital to make sure you on top of timings when it comes to the activities you want to do.

Lastly, it’s also well worth finding out what all the food options are when you arrive so you can holiday exactly how you want.

Food is something holidaymakers are rarely short of in all-inclusive resorts.

In the Spanish resort featured in the Channel 5 documentary, in order to match the demand for Full English Breakfasts, they serve 20kg of bacon each morning plus 15kg of baked beans.

Chicken nuggets are one of the most popular items on the hotel’s menu and the kitchen cooks upwards of 25 kilos of nuggets every day.

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