Holidays: Always do this one simple thing when packing luggage to make travel easier

Holidays will require careful packing to avoid either taking too much or not taking enough. This is particularly important if you’re travelling with just hand luggage and need to whittle down your checklist to fit everything in. It can be a big error to haphazardly select your holiday wardrobe, an expert has said. By packing a suitcase wisely you will make travelling much easier for yourself in the long run.

Holidays: Follow this important luggage packing tip when preparing a suitcase

Car hire company worked with organisational expert, Vicky Silverthorn to provide some tips around how packing can be made much easier.

The result is a less stressful experience, meaning people get more out of their holidays.

One of Vicky’s top holiday hacks is to make sure you pack outfits together.

“Everyone’s made the mistake of not thinking through outfits while packing – throwing random items into a suitcase before realising that nothing goes,” Vicky told

“To avoid this, pack complete outfits together so that every item has a purpose.

“When you come to unpack they’ll be ready to wear, and it always works to separate them out by ‘pool’, ‘beach’, ‘evening’ and so on.”

It’s always well worth planning ahead to work out what you might need on arrival at your holiday destination.

If you need something immediately, make sure you pack it at the top of your bag so it’s easily reachable.

“Think through what you’ll need, when,” advised Vicky.

“When you’re packing your suitcase, be smart and consider what you’ll need first when you get to your destination.

“For example, if you arrive late at night, it will really help if the kids’ pyjamas, toothbrushes and toothpaste are on top.”

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The night before you travel is important – and, if you’re travelling early, you can make life easier for yourself in advance.

One top tip is to leave your suitcase by the front door along with a list of things to do before you leave the house. 

If you do this the night before you’ll limit the chances of forgetting any key details.

If you’re trying to pack lightly, items that double up can be very useful.

Try to include things that have multiple uses to avoid taking up too much space in your bag.

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