Holidaymaker slams tourists who reserve beds at 4am – and moves their towels

This summer thousands of Brits have headed to sunny Spain, cheap Turkey or the gorgeous Greek Isles for some rest and relaxation.

Among the excursions to nearby towns and a constant flow of delicious food, most of us like to spend a few days by the pool.

There’s nothing quite like heading down after breakfast to swimming the pool and chill on a sun lounger.

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But, as we all know it’s not as simple as rocking up to the pool to get a sun bed in the late morning when at a resort.

Brits have been spotted racing one another to the best sun loungers first thing in the morning.

In fact, travel experts have even urged holidaymakers to have proper ‘etiquette’ when at the poolside.

One tourist recently shared her method for bagging a spot on a sun bed on TikTok– and it doesn’t require her to wake up early.

Viral creator Jade, @jadepeppardx, posted her cheeky methods online and more than 52,000 people liked the video.

In the video, she is reclining on a sun lounger on a pink towel in her bikini, then shows her view of the pool and fellow holidaymakers.

She quipped: “These people waking up at 4am to put their towels on the sun beds just for me and my boyfriend to wake up at 10am and take their towels off…”

In the comments, plenty of people agreed with her methods.

One person said: “Couldn't think of anything worse than stressing out about deck chairs on holiday.”

While another added: “My friend once took all the towels off of chairs that were still empty at noon and threw them in the pool. The resort people didn't say a word….”

And a third noted: “I give them an hour if they ain’t there byeeeee this is my chair now.”

Someone else noted that many hotels don’t allow people to reserve sun beds.

They noted: “Some hotels will take off towels that are on before 8am thank God.”

To which Jade replied: “There’s a massive board saying you can’t reserve but this hotel clearly dc [don’t care].”

But, others said they got stuck into reserving their own beds.

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One woman noted: “Once at a resort with these big canopy beds people would wake up at 6 to 'reserve' them, so one night when i couldn't sleep I put a towel at 3am lol.”

Another added: “If I find my towel taken we fighting.”

Do you think people should be able to reserve sun beds in the morning? Tell us in the comments…


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