Holidaymaker ‘crying with laughter’ as woman ‘kicks’ guests in race for sunbed

When on holiday we Brits love nothing more than sunny weather, a great pool or beach and the time to relax.

But, with an all-inclusive hotel booking comes the inevitable dash for sun loungers each morning.

Most of us are willing to risk waiting until after breakfast to bag our spot around the pool, but some are so eager they wake up at 6am to reserve their sunbed with a towel.

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Don’t get us started on what happens when German and Britsh tourists fight over the best spots either…

The very British habit has come to be called “sunbed wars” on TikTok as multiple videos of Brits running for loungers have gone viral under the hashtag.

And, just last week TikTok creator Claudia Costa, @claudiacosta._, who has almost 2,000 followers, shared a video that had her “crying” with laughter.

Claudia was staying on holiday in Palma de Mallorca, in Spain, when she shot the humorous video.

In the clip, which was set to the theme tune of The Benny Hill Show, a queue of holidaymakers can be seen waiting to enter the pool area with towels and beach bags.

It seems the hotel may limit the time when people can reserve their beds.

When a staff member goes to open the area, a woman – presumably Claudia’s friend – can be seen jokingly crouching as though ready to race to the loungers.

As the huge line of people shuffle forwards to bag their space, the woman sprints forwards, even aiming a kick at a nearby woman, to get to the beds.

She pushes past people and eventually grabs a lounger where she lays down with her towel.

A whopping 64,900 people have watched the video which Claudia captioned: “Crying”.

She added some laughing emojis and hashtagged “sunbed wars” and “sunbed race”.

It’s not the first time Brits have been seen racing to get their spot by the pool.

Social media user, Julie Marie Larsson, shared a video with the caption: “Holidays in Spain. Sun bed wars at 6am.”

In the clip, the pool area of a hotel could be seen covered in dozens of sun loungers.

And, guests in shorts and t-shirts could be seen sprint walking across the decking to place their towels on their preferred beds.

With a catchy tune playing in the background people ran down the steps to throw their beach towels on the seats closest to the pool or bar.

Do you reserve your lounger or wait until you’re ready to use the pool? Tell us in the comments…


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