Holiday warning: Key document you need if you have been scammed abroad revealed by expert

Brand Manager for Consumer Awareness Initiative, Travel Insurance Explained, Rebecca Kingsley revealed the most important document fraud or scam victims need to ensure they have when making an insurance claim. Speaking to, Ms Kingsley noted victims need to ensure they speak to the police and get a police report. She explained that once you realise you have been a victim, it is imperative to attempt to get a police report or, failing that, get evidence that an attempt was made to contact the police.

She noted this could prove difficult in countries where the police are not available 24 hours a day, however having a police report will better help your claim with your travel insurance company.

Ms Kingsley said: “Once they have realised they have been scammed, it completely depends on the circumstances of what has happened.

“We always advise that they contact the police and get a police report.

“Contact their bank or their credit card provider if money is involved, so if their card has been stolen or if money has been taken and then contact their travel insurance particularly if they are abroad and not to sure what to do.

“The first thing to do if you have been a victim is to contact the police and get their advice.

“If your possessions have been stolen or lost abroad we do always ask for a police report.

“So when they file the claim under their insurance, the insurer will ask for the police report which is why we say always get all of your paperwork together.

“it completely depends on the circumstances as each claim is assessed individually.

“When you are submitting a claim they do ask that a police report is there or if you can’t get a police report evidence that one wasn’t available.

“In a lot of countries the police stations aren’t open all the time, it could perhaps be closed on the day you needed to go.”

The travel insurance expert also warned of the dangers of scammers operating in tourist hot spots and attractions.

Pickpocketing has long been an issue in popular tourist cities in Europe often proving disastrous for holidaymakers.

A keen eye on your belongings at all times is advised and to be wary of pickpocketing tricks and scams designed to distract while an accomplice attempts to steal your belongings.

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