‘Hidden gem’ Italian island with crystal clear water and ancient cave drawings

It’s the beginning of the high season in many sunny European countries and if you’re anything like us you’re ready for a holiday.

But, while Benidorm has re-opened its beaches and Portugal and France continue to be popular there are some stunning lesser known locations.

And, Italy boasts some of the most beautiful beach towns and islands – including one that the locals like to keep to themselves.

While Florence, Rome and Sicily are always popular you may prefer to head to the tiny Mediterranean destination of Levanzo which will blow you away with its tranquil beauty, historical sights and stunning sunsets.

One of Italy’s best kept secrets, this beautiful hidden gem has crystal clear water, rocky countryside and quaint houses.

A big attraction of the island is the pre-historic cave drawings that are able to be accessed on a pre-booked guided tour.

The Grotta del Genovese shows human and animal figures painted on the walls around 13,000 years ago, reports MyLondon.

But, photos of the caves aren’t allowed so you’ll have to get a good look while you’re there.

The tour will introduce you to the historical meanings behind the drawings and about the island itself.

Levanzo is part of the Egadi Islands alongside Favignana and Marettimo.

It’s the smallest of the three with plenty of charm, but there are around 400 residents so offers a lot of seclusion.

You can even explore all three islands by travelling on a ferry or boat between them.

And, of course, you can sunbathe, swim and chill in the sunshine or sip on delicious wine.

And, the snorkelling is on par with the Maldives as the water is incredibly clear.

Making it a great place for families, or even solo travellers, to explore that’s a little off the beaten path.

What's your favourite hidden gem? Tell us in the comments section…

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